Song of the Fortnight Series Launch

Welcome to the Gifts first posting in the Song of the Fortnight Series. As Adventure I mentioned I will be posting (fortnightly, every other tuesday) tracks recorded at Mappa Mundi Studio (my apartment) and blogging about the songwriting process, recording, and generally all things The Mappa Mundi. Please feel free to download, share, re-post/tweet/whatever all of the tracks in the series. Please feel free to send me any remixes/videos/whatever you’re inspired to do, and if I like them maybe I’ll post wholesale nba jerseys them. And I enthusiastically cheap nfl jerseys encourage comments, questions and any sort of Wholesale Nike San Francisco 49ers Jerseys discussion about art and music so Website please make use of the comments section!

Just a quick Song note about file sharing: 200 on the right-hand side of the wholesale mlb jerseys soundcloud player are a bunch of buttons for functions like volume, info and also downloading/etc. Just click on the arrow to download.

So, without further ado, I introduce the hi Song of the Fortnight Series!