Song of the Fortnight

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As I said we’ll have photos, videos, etc. coming soon. But the main thing we’re working on is what I’m calling our Song of the Fortnight series. Every 2 weeks or so we will post song sketches, doodles, more experimental pieces, and fully-fledged masterpieces (naturally) in a sort of song-writing blog format. These will include brand new songs, Website new arrangements of MM hits, as well as new arrangements of material from our back catalog. Most, if not all, visitas will be recorded at Mappa Mundi studio (my apartment). All of these will be available for free download, so please do check in periodically as the site comes together and your as more stuff is posted. Of wholesale jerseys course I’ll let you wholesale NFL jerseys all know when the Song of the Fortnight Series is launched, and keep checking back for news.