So Obscure

“So Obscure” definitely falls into the category of story songs told through the use of inner monologue. It’s about two people with the arguably noble ambitions of creating something meaningful and valuable with their lives. Despite continually scaling back their expectations and dreams, they remain frustrated. Over time, they realize their dreams are unattainable, that the world of beauty, reason, and art simply doesn’t exist. Their ideals have no place in the real world and it doesn’t do to dwell too long in the realm of ideals. You’ll be ruined for the real world. Yeah, it’s a literary reference. I know!

So Obscure by Mappa Mundi

The instrumentation is guitar, voice, ukulele, distorted uke, some basic percussion, and fuzzed-out keyboards. The string parts had to be left out, but I’ll record another version soon enough with those in. For comparison’s sake.

As always, click on the ‘down arrow’ button on the player to download. Embedding is right below that. Anyway, hope you like it! Let me know what you think in the comments…