“Cool” is the obligatory song about dating, about that excited feeling when you meet someone with whom you click, but then, the next day at work, when you both are working the same shift, you realize that it was all in your head. And then things at your day job are suddenly totally uncomfortable for everyone involved. Yeah… Clearly I had been listening to a lot of old, 90s-era Weezer songs when I wrote it.

Cool by Mappa Mundi

This is another older song that was written as a poppy rock song and then, when I got the idea for this crazy Chamber Pop experiment stuck in my head, was reworked in true Mappa Mundi fashion, with string arrangements, ukulele, etc. I had the cello doing parallel 5ths like the guitar might do in rock, and the violin playing what might be a lead guitar part. The verses are in that folk-y baroque style that we often mine. You’ll see what I mean when you listen to the album version of this song:

The nature of this blog being what it is, I’ve tried reverse-engineering the song back to a rock song, though with weird, distorted trumpet and ukulele of course! As always, downloading and sharing are enabled through the buttons on the player.