Out Here

I’ve been thinking a lot about the concepts of choice and absurdity – about the idea of planning in general, and moreover how so much of our frustration and loneliness comes from that tension. At least mine does.

Anyway, I tend to lean toward ‘story’ songs usually, and toward writing from the perspective(s) of the character(s) as sort of an inner monologue. So this song is the realization (or fear?) that all of the character’s plans and choices might be irrelevant after all, a big lie, or worse yet, a joke, and that he/she might really be out too far with a false map.

Musically, I had been tinkering with the chords that eventually became the intro and bridges, which sounded old-worldy enough to be appropriate for a Mappa Mundi song. Also, I’ve been trying to write in more pentatonic or bluesy modes. This is rock ‘n’ roll after all! So, after combining those two ideas the song just fell into place, coming from wherever it is these things come.

I’m pretty pleased with the fuzz on the trumpet sound. I think it sounds old-timey and simultaneously crunchy/rocky. I mean, who needs lead guitar when distorted trumpets sound so cool, right? That might be our manifesto…

Let me know what you think!


Out Here by Mappa Mundi