No More

“No More” sprang to life, fully-formed, through a process of spontaneous generation. Usually my writing process involves lots of trial and error and experimentation but every once in a while, a song (verses, choruses, and all) just appears fully, or nearly-fully formed.

No More by Mappa Mundi

Lyrically, I’d been playing with the idea of jettisoning the ideas we carry that tether us, as it were. Ballast. This song is intentionally open-ended so I’m a little reluctant to go into its “meaning.” But I will say that: there are things that keep us down, and things that, the letting go of which, unmoor us. Is it good to be unmoored or better to be connected? I guess it depends on what you’re leaving and where you’re going. Hence the title of our first EP!

Also, I’ve always been a fan of Motown, as well as the Wall of Sound (sworn enemies, I know, but what are you gonna do?). So, I think of many of these songs as having baroque elements but also rich, romantic, layered sections too. Even those bits, though, are comprised of intricately locking complimentary parts. Complexity within Simplicty. Or vice versa. Whatever. At least that’s the goal. This is especially evident when all the parts involved (strings, accordion, etc.) are present. These recordings are smaller-scale versions of that idea but, again, check out the album version of this song for a good example!

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