Maybe Stay

“Maybe Stay” is my ode to indecision. As the fellow says, “the life which is unexamined is not worth living.” The problem, of course, is that, in poring too closely over every detail, you can become immobilized by indecision. And what do you do when, upon examination, none of your choices seem that great? I think another fellow said something to that effect. Well, this song is for those of us who look too closely for our own good.

Maybe Stay by Mappa Mundi

It’s also inspired by one of the great, cult, brilliant-but-cancelled shows of all time, Wonderfalls. Combining magical realism, and early 2000s-era (and early 20s) angst, it was about a recent college graduate facing just such impossible (re: simultaneously stultifying and existentially horrifying) choices. So, this song is for Jaye Tyler too.

I’d love to hear what you think of the vintage distortion and delay on the ukulele. It struck me as being very 90s, which seemed appropriate. Also, the trumpet has some nice slapback reverb on it, which is a sound I’m more and more into these days. Finally, I was going for a sort of wall of sound in the outro, but, of course, as usual, it came out more Beatlesy with Radiohead-y wailing vocals (all right, I was going for that too). Anyway, what can you do? It’s in my DNA, I suppose.

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